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Charismatic speaker with great take-always of practical/useful professional knowledge! - Natalia Rios

She is intelligent and compassionate and fun. - Penny Kidd

Rikki is simply a rock star! Her ability to deliver a well-prepared message in a funny, interesting way and engage everyone in the room is unparalleled. - Brenda Powell-Russell

Truly gifted at finding exactly who you are in your business, how you can better yourself, and how you can be a service to your clients. - Jameel Toombs

Her passion on the subject of Leadership is infectious.  - Cynthia Boyar Trejo

Rikki is an excellent speaker and powerful motivator. She is sure to energize any group.  - Stephen Griffin

She sets the bar of training and development inspiringly high. - Richard C. Johnson

Rikki is an amazing speaker and trainer. She is fun, exciting and energetic. She has an uncanny wisdom too. -Toni Harris Taylor

Rikki has a unique knack of relating to everyone in the room. Our employees absolutely love Rikki! -Liza Fant, Ph.D.

Rikki has an incredible talent of sharing truths and wisdom with her very own unique style. She will make you laugh until your face hurts. And yet, her words are so impactful, meaningful, and life-changing. Everybody needs a little Rikki Smith in their lives! - Lisamaria Martinez

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Rikki Smith
Faith on Friday; A Deeper Dive - Available on AmazonBuy my book on Amazon

Faith on Friday;
A Deeper Dive

This book has come from my heart, my own issues, my hurts, and fears. this is me giving myself a pep talk, telling myself that I’m going to be ok. It was not until later that I realized that others were able to relate. I was happy to know that I wasn’t the only one that had endured some of the things I reference in the book.

The book is in journal form in hopes of helping you to explore some of the things that you may not be able to talk to anyone about, but that deserve a deeper dive (see what I did right there). If you are honest with yourself while answering the questions, you will discover there is light in your darkest places.

My desire is for you to see that your life is worth it, and that your experiences have not broken, but have fortified you for what lies ahead. No matter what you have gone thru, who you may have been, or what you have done, you were not the first and you will not be the last. Own your life, and all it’s flaws so that others can see the possibilities.

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Rikki Smith

Rikki Smith believes in the value of learning, growing, and sharing life experiences to enrich and inspire the lives of those in our sphere of influence.

Rikki was raised in a military family; both of her parents were in the Air Force. Moving around the country, and the world was just part of life. Meeting people, making friends, and experiencing different cultures gave Rikki a love for adventure, travel, and food.

Rikki’s strength manifests through her unique ability to use her life experiences to understand the heart of people; their fears, hopes, dreams, and their desire to be heard. To be understood and share similar life experiences is part of the human condition. We have all “been there and done that” and Rikki is all about telling those stories to show others that they are not alone, and that there is light at the end of a seemingly dark tunnel.

Rikki is an inspirational, motivational speaker with an emphasis on transformational living. Her YouTube Channel: Faith on Friday, is a source of encouragement, humor, and challenge to those who need a quick pick-me-up.

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Rikki Smith - Black and White Photo

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